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talk about angela merkel, it may have changed the perception to even some on .apitol hill perhaps we need to bring more oversight into what is going on at nsa? i support aggressive oversight of the intelligence community. this is the deal we struck as a country. we have democracy. it is not necessarily completely in harmony with an aggressive intelligence community. we have had to set up institutions and structures where we try to balance these competing national interest. in thethe ways we did it 70's was to create intelligence communities and ensure that all --bers of each community was ultimately it is the president's call. they help make a judgment about what politically we are able to achieve in terms of intelligence collection. . host: if you have questions for our guest, you can call in on the phone lines -- if you want to send us an e- .ail, we will take those momentarily. michael allen speaking global strategy hearing d.c.. he is also an author of "linking red." has intelligence gathering and sharing got better after 9/11? guest: absolutely. we have rebuil
spying. thatsa denies reports obama was told in 2010 of nsa spying on angela merkel and allowed it to continue. on sunday, the german tabloid siding unknown sources again, there are several stories this morning when it comes to the monitoring of allies. we are asking you this morning if the u.s. should rethink how it does those activities. if numbers on the screen -- you want to reach us via tweet and if you want to put something on a facebook page, that is span. it was on the sunday shows yesterday that this topic came up heard one of the voices there, congressman peter king from new york. he is the chairman of the house subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. he was on nbc's "meet the press" yesterday. he talked about the u.s. spying on france and germany. should stopdent apologizing and stop being. savedality is the nsa has thousands of lives, not just in the united states but in france and germany and throughout europe. have carried out spying operations against united states. as far as germany, that is where the hamburg plot began in which led to
are not willy-nilly spying on angela merkel. that is a good strategy to half. there is some intelligence -- if there is some intelligence we are doing legitimately, we can always fall back on it and that is pretty much what i want to say. the story in "the washington post" has the headline -- group thatbipartisan wants to rein in the nsa spying program and stop this dragnet collection of american phone calls. on the other hand you have senator dianne feinstein who heads the senate intelligence committee with mike rogers, republican who heads the house intelligence committee. here's what they would do according to "the washington post" -- is that enough? caller: absolutely. that validate the point that i was making. you have people pushing to the extreme and don't have interest in the intelligence and defense community. they are pushing to ease the public pressure in people are trying to be more realistic and modern about it. host: what do you make of jim sensenbrenner, who was integral in crafting the patriot act, now saying we have to rein it in? caller: they are feeling the political p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3